UPS 2017 Rates and Services

2017 Rates and New Charges

June 26, 2017 Update

UPS® Peak Surcharges

The Peak Surcharge - Applied to Residential Packages has been updated to apply to packages shipped from an origin within the 48 contiguous states to a destination within Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Download Peak Surcharges Dates and Amounts

June 19, 2017 Update

UPS Peak Surcharges

UPS is introducing new Peak Surcharges that are applicable during defined periods, depending on service level and package characteristics.

At various times throughout the year, including the November and December holiday season, UPS must flex its delivery network to meet increased demand. To help enable UPS to continue to provide best-in-class value to customers while offsetting some of the additional expenses incurred during significant volume surges, UPS will begin implementing Peak Surcharges in 2017.

Download Peak Surcharges Dates and Amounts to view a detailed description of the surcharges, when they apply, and the applicable amount.

An updated 2017 UPS Rate and Service Guide will be published on September 1, 2017 to reflect the addition of the Peak Surcharges. Details regarding applicable periods and amounts of Peak Surcharges will be available on an ongoing basis at UPS Rates and Services. Shippers should review the information on this site prior to shipment to determine whether any Peak Surcharges are applicable.

June 2, 2017 Update


Effective June 26, 2017 UPS Freight rates will increase by 4.9%. The rate increase will apply to shipments rated on the current UPS Freight 560 (US48), 525 (to and from Canada) and 570/571 (to and from Mexico) Tariffs. The impact may vary based on specific lanes or shipment characteristics, such as weight or class. Please see the announcement at UPS Freight. The new rates can be viewed and downloaded there on June 26, 2017.

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